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Equipo de perforación de muestreo de motor de gasolina HS-2BS

Gasoline Engine Sampling Drilling Rig
 Sampling Drilling Rig

Breve introducción de la plataforma de perforación de muestreo del motor de gasolina
La plataforma de perforación de muestreo con motor de gasolina HS-2BS es producida por HANS. Es adecuado para edificios geológicos industriales y civiles, puentes, ferrocarriles, carreteras, estudios de la industria hidroeléctrica, exploración geofísica, perforación avanzada y perforación de orificios de lechada, guía de orificios incrustados, orificios rotos, orificios y pequeños pozos domésticos.
La plataforma de perforación de muestreo con motor de gasolina HS-2BS tiene las siguientes características: estructura compacta, volumen pequeño, peso ligero, dos engranajes, fácil de mover.

  • Geological Surveys: The rig is used to collect geological samples and conduct subsurface investigations in geological exploration projects.

  • Mineral Exploration: It is employed in mineral exploration to drill core samples and assess the presence of valuable minerals.

  • Soil Sampling: Suitable for soil sampling in environmental assessments, agricultural research, and geotechnical investigations.

  • Core Drilling: Capable of core drilling for extracting cylindrical rock or soil samples with minimal disturbance.

  • Environmental Assessments: Used in environmental studies to investigate soil and groundwater conditions for contamination assessments.

  • Geotechnical Investigations: Applied in geotechnical engineering to assess soil properties and stability for construction projects.

  • Exploration and Research: Utilized in scientific research and exploration projects that require subsurface sampling and analysis.

The HS-2BS Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling rig's gasoline-powered design, compact size, and versatility make it a valuable tool for professionals in geological, environmental, and exploration fields. Whether for mineral exploration, soil sampling, or environmental assessments, this rig offers efficient drilling capabilities to obtain critical subsurface information for various applications.


The "HS-2BS Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling rig" manufactured by HANS is a specialized drilling rig designed for various geological and exploration applications. Here are the key features and applications of the HS-2BS Gasoline Engine Sampling drilling Rig:​

  1. Gasoline Engine: The rig is powered by a gasoline engine, providing reliable and portable energy for drilling operations.

  2. Compact and Lightweight: With a compact design and lightweight construction, the rig is easy to transport and maneuver in diverse terrains.

  3. Two-Speed Options: It is equipped with two-speed options, allowing flexibility in drillingoperations to accommodate different soil and rock conditions.

  4. Versatile Applications: The rig is suitable for a range of applications, including geological surveys, soil sampling, core drilling, mineral exploration, and environmental assessments.

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Q: What is core drilling and non core drilling?

On the basis of material obtained from the hole, there are two main types. 1. CORE DRILLING: where by means of drilling core can be obtained 2. NON CORE DRILLING: where only rock cuttings along with slurry can be obtained.

Q: What is the best core drill?

Core Drills VEVOR Diamond Core Drilling 2180W Handheld Diamond Core Drill Machine 10M Core Drilling Machine Lift Rig Variable Speed Wet Dry Core Drill Rig for Diamond Concrete Drilling with Box. ... HANS 080/1 110V Diamond Core Drill Supplied in A Carry Case. ... FEIN 64203008010 Corner Shift.

Q: Which mineral is mined through drilling?

Dredging method: This is when large machines called dredgers are used to scoop the mineral into large mounds. This is used to mine minerals like salt and soda ash. Drilling method: This is used when minerals like oil and gas lie far below the ground surface.

Q: Why is drilling important in mining?

The purpose of drilling (rock penetration) in mining operations is to create small or large diameter holes in the rock massive for the placement of explosives in order to loosen and fragment the material for subsequent operations.

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